It a really great school! At Barcelona hair Academy your dreams of becoming a hairdresser can come true. The whole team is really friendly. Thank you for paying attention and for teaching me so many things. I love you all! (3 Week Men's Cutting Course)  
Adel Dzhavadova, Barcelona
Great teaching, great company and a great school. I don't think there is anything else I can add... oh yes! I made some amazing friends. Thank you for the experience. (The Art of Barbering)
Virginia Pérez Doménech, Córdoba
The course organisation is really great. Emma and Cecily keep you informed of everything. Another point to mention is that they get you models to practice on.  The course is totally practical and you get to work on real models. (The Art of Barbering)
Ezequiel Fernández, Girona
I thought it was accessible, direct and very useful. (The Art of Barbering)
Eva, Barcelona
I feel the education I received was very well worth my time. The small class size and intimate setting is perfect. You feel the genuine love of the industry and the carft takes first place above all. Thanks so much for the warm welcome, fun atmosphere and truly down to earth but also fun group of individuals. May your school grow in leaps and bounds like your big hearts! (The Art of Barbering)
Tonya, Canada
Both the teachers and the owners of the school were really attentive. The models were provided were excellent as well. All in all it was a fantastic experience.  (Decades of Decadence - Advanced Cutting and Colouring)
Adela, Barcelona
The course was very personalised and complete. They are extremely professional with a lot of patience - they spend as much time as necessary with you. (The Art of Barbering)
Very friendly and attentive. Thank you very much.   (The Art of Barbering)
The course was very interesting, very well explained and it was great that we could practise and that they helped us every step of the way.   (The Art of Barbering)
The course was very complete and the trainer ensured that the finishing was perfect down to the last details.   (The Art of Barbering)
Everything was great. They really help you as much as you need but they also leave you alone so you really put into practice what you've learnt.   (Creative Colour Course)
Vanessa Puyol – Barcelona
A brilliant course, 100% recommendable, a really great experience and I am very grateful to them for being so nice :-)   (Creative Colour Course)
Cinthya Díaz Salazar – Chile