Beginners Course:

What method of teaching do you follow?

The method taught at Barcelona Hair Academy is based on internationally recognised techniques. With our collective experience in teaching, we will adapt the pace of the course to your needs. We believe in the importance of giving you a solid base in all of the aspects of hairdressing, to give you the confidence and skills to be able to give your clients excellent service.

Where will I stay?

We will provide you with all the help we can to help you find accommodation to suit you; whether an individual or shared apartment, or a room in a family home.

Will I be able to study Spanish?

Of course! In fact we encourage you to do so. You will find it very useful when it comes to talking to your clients. We can help you find Spanish language classes to fit in with your schedule.

How many students will there be?

Classes will be kept small, with no more than 15 per teacher.

What will be provided?

A Starting Kit will be prepared for you with everything you will need for the course The price of the kit is not included in the tuition cost and will be base on negotiations with suppliers. Price 420€ approx.

How will I pay for the course?

In order to reserve your place on the course you will need to pay matriculation fee. This amount will be deducted from the balance. You can then either pay the balance when you arrive in full or you can pay in three instalments.


(In the case of the professional courses the total amount must be paid at the time of reservation)

Do I need to wear a uniform?

No. You just need to wear black or white or grey clothes.

Professional Courses:

What if I don’t see the professional course I want on the web page?

No problem, we can design a course specifically for you (a minimum group size applies).

Can you arrange accommodation and sightseeing for my group?

Whether you would prefer a hotel or apartment, a flamenco show or a bike tour, we can design a package to suit your needs.


  • Kyle always expects the best from me, which has given me the motivation to push myself to always do better. He is a very patient and effective educator. Kyle taught me to trust my instincts and to always learn from my mistakes, which I know has made me a better hair stylist. (Beginners Course)
    Linn Dembacke, Barcelona, Spain
  • My name is Davelia Atina and I just finished one part of my hairdresser certificate! And that’s thanks to my tutor Sofia Färnqvist who always was there for me! So many times I wanted to give up, but she was always there pushing me. Without her I wouldn’t make it cause she is the most helpful patient and positive human I know. She moved to Barcelona to work as a hairdresser there, but it didn’t stop her to still ask how everything is going for me, help and support me 100% before the tests! I want to thank her again for how good person she is! She will always be my mentor.   (Beginners Course)
    Davelia Atina, Sweden
  • I had always looked at hairdressing as this amazing industry where colour, cutting and styling changed peoples lives. As we all know when you are happy with your hair everything goes right. So I was privileged enough to be trained under the watchful eye of Emma. ....With Emma’s help I quickly learnt the ropes and felt at home very quickly. Emma also saw my potential and eagerness to get started as a junior stylist and encouraged me to bring in my friends as models so I could start learning the fundamentals of cutting and colour application......She would also come in on her days off to help me with models. I have been hairdressing for almost 9 years now and owe her a lot for all the help and the opportunities I was given while working with her. I would recommend her to any would be hairdresser as she is amazing and you would learn so much!!! (Beginners Course)
    Marc du Toit, South Africa
  • I thought the Art of Barbering Course was really interesting, I normally work in a more mechanical way when I cut men's hair and the course helped me to improve my technique.
    (The Art of Barbering)
    Iris del Sol, Barcelona
  • Thanks a lot for the chance to be there with you all for the Art of Barbering Course and for sharing your experience with us. I enjoyed it and learned much more things that i thought I would. It really was a pleasure! (The Art of Barbering)
    Olalla Guerrero, Barcelona
  • As regards the methodology used for the practical work I think the level was very good. Really helpful and friendly. The whole experience was really great.   (Creative Colour Course)
    Pamela Acevedo Toledo, Chile