Gracia Festival

Barcelona Hair Academy is located in the Gracia area of Barcelona and this weekend marks the start of the area’s big Fiesta!!! From the 15th to the 21st of August the streets will be filled with decorations, music and Catalan traditions. If you haven’t been before we strongly suggest that you pay a visit and experience one of Barcelona’s biggest parties.

The programme of events includes every type of music imaginable, human castles, public dances, street markets and  of course plenty to eat and drink.  There is a competition for the best decorated street and the residents spend all year coming up with incredible themed works of art. Each street tends to take the competition seriously and the standards are high. A theme is chosen by each street and this can be anything from dinosaurs to underwater sea life. A tip: Explore the streets during the day to see the most decorations and avoid the sometimes overwhelming crowds at night. It’s also best to check out the street dressings earlier in the week as things can look a bit the worse for wear towards the end of the festivities.

Some of the most best Catalan traditions can be seen during the week – our favourites are the correfoc – literally running with fire… and the Castellers or Human towers.











As you may have guessed by now we love Barcelona with all its traditions and cultural events! And we especially love our “barrio”, Gracia. Enjoy the fiestas and if you are in the area come by the academy and say hi. For more information about Barcelona Hair Academy and all of our courses and activities contact us here.