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We know that a great hairstyle can make all the difference to our look but there is no denying that some days our hair just won’t play along. Never fear, Barcelona Hair Academy is here! Our Creative team has come up with five hairup ‘How-tos’ that are guaranteed to make you look great and stop you reaching for the scissors.

The Braided Waterfall

Using a tail comb create a low side parting, section off the hair you want to braid in the front and clip the rest of the hair away to make it easier, then divide your section into 3 and start with your inverted braid,

When you reach the temple, start ldropping every 3rd strand to achieve the waterfall effect. When you reach the back of your head, use some bobby pins to secure it in place.

The Braided half and half

Divide the hair from ear to ear with a centre parting, (clip the hair in the back to keep it out of the way). Create two simple braids just above your ears, keep them quite loose and make sure you braid them downwards to keep them flat against your head. Secure the braids with little elastic bands. Once secured loosen them a little to make them a little fatter. Cross the braids over each other and secure them with bobby pins behind each ear, hiding the pins under the braids and making sure the ends are tucked in. Take some strands down to frame your face. Finish with a little spray and you’re done!

The Braided high bun

Start with a high pony tail on the top of your head, make sure you tilt your head back when you secure it with an elastic, so you get it nice and tight in the back. Take a strand from the pony tail and braid it into a simple three strand braid, secure it with an elastic band.  Twist the remaining hair to create a bun and secure it with bobby pins. Loosen the braid a little to make it appear bigger, wrap it around the bun and secure with a pin. Use your fingers to create a bit more volume at the front, add a bit of volume powder and finish with spray, using the palms of your hands to tighten the sides.

The Low Textured Ponytail

Start by dividing your hair from ear to ear, then put the back of your hair into a low pony tail and secure it with an elastic band. Divide the remaining hair into three, from temple to temple. Starting on one side twist the hair away from the face, secure it with a bobby pin into the pony tail. Then twist the top section the same way and secure with a pin. Twist the other side the opposite way so both sides look the same. Take a section from underneath the ponytail and wrap it around to hide the pins and then pin it to secure it. Loosen the sections carefully to create a tousled, slept-in effect. Finish with some dry wax powder and a little hairspray

The Simple Chignon

Start by dividing your hair into a low side parting thenbrush it down flat and add a little serum to create shine. Create a low ponytail just behind the ear and secure it with an elastic. Divide the ponytail into four sections, using clips to separate them. Then start by rolling each one of the sections into loops, twisting them a little to flatten them against the scalp and to create movement, and secure them around the ponytail. Finish with some spray to hold it in place and avoid fly-aways.

If you think you need a bit more help with these hairups why not come to our next Styling workshop on July 10th. Check out our events section on our facebook page for more information.

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