barcelona anthony llobet academy-compressedIf you are thinking about studying hairdressing in Barcelona here is a bit more information about one of the most modern, stylish and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Every corner of Barcelona breathes art and culture. You will live alongside incredible modernist architecture and be surrounded by art galleries and museums. You will fall in love with its pretty streets, beaches, great atmosphere, good weather and friendly people. There are thousands of things to do and discover while you study hairdressing In Barcelona; from its many charming neighborhoods to its numerous leisure activities. The 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona opened the city up to the sea, and since then it has developed at a rate that rivals that of any city in the world.

In Barcelona you will discover the Catalan language. Although the Catalans speak Spanish as well, you’ll see street signs and lots of official communication written in Catalan. They also have their own culture, which in many cases is a long way from many peoples’ idea of Spain with its bullfighting and flamenco dancing – bullfighting has actually been illegal in Catalonia since 2012. The Catalans describe their particular way of doing things as a combination of seny and rauxa; which, roughly translated, means a mix of common sense and a hot temper.

You might find the timetables here a bit different to those in your country. People normally start work at 9am and stop for lunch at around 2pm. They might also break at 11 for a coffee and a snack. Many shops close from 2pm to 5pm and open until 8 or even 10pm and most supermarkets don’t close until 9pm. Nightlife also starts later than in other places: nightclubs don’t fill up until 2am at the earliest.

Barcelona plays host to a large number of foreign visitors, who represent 7% of the population (49% from Latin America, 22% from Europe, 16% from Asia and 13% from Africa). At the Barcelona Hair Academy, you will experience this international mix first hand, with students and teachers from all around the world. If you want to become a professional hairdresser while enjoying this great city check out the Barcelona Hair Academy courses.