The new Barcelona Hair Academy aims to teach students all the hairdressing and styling techniques they need to become professional hair stylists. Our unique teaching method consists of personalized classes to help you succeed in the hairdressing world, a multilingual and international team of teachers, the best professional equipment and small class sizes.

At the academy you will find courses for both beginners and professionals. The beginners course is where you will begin your career as a hair stylist. You will learn classic and modern cutting, barbering, colouring, chemical treatments, and many other techniques. If your passion is hairdressing, the Barcelona Hair Academy will help you develop your potential and transform you into a professional; once you finish the course you will be ready to start work as a junior stylist!

The academy also offers professional courses on different specialized techniques, like bridal hairdos, vintage looks or advanced colouring techniques. These are short courses aimed at more experienced professionals.

In addition, there is also a hair salon where the public can enjoy hairdressing services at very affordable prices. These services are carried out by the students under the constant supervision of the academy tutors.

Study hairdressing in the beautiful city of Barcelona, one of the most popular modern, cosmopolitan and stylish cities in the world. The academy is located at Gràcia, one of city’s most charming neighbourhoods and is housed in a large recently renovated industrial space. Its unique decor creates the perfect stylish and pleasant environment to learn in.

If you are interested in the Barcelona Hair Academy hairdressing courses visit our website or send us a message for more information.