Barcelona Hair Academy logoSome of you may be asking yourselves why we have recently changed our name. Now we can tell you why. For a while now we have thought what we really want to be is an open space for new creative students and hair professionals, rather than part of a brand. We want to make clear right from the start what this adventure is all about: it’s about you learning from the best international hair stylists in the amazing city of Barcelona.

Barcelona. If you have never been to Barcelona you don’t know what you are missing. Barcelona is art, culture, history, style and fashion all rolled into one. From walks by the sea to hiking in the mountains to great food in restaurants from all over the world; Barcelona has a charm few cities in Europe have. Its rich architecture will introduce you to modernism and its countless art galleries will fill you with life and inspire you. This city breathes style.

Hair.  We are hair professionals, hairdressing is our passion and we believe that there is no excuse for a bad hair day: that’s what we are here for. Choosing this career might sometimes feel scary or risky, but we truly believe in what we do. Fashion and style should always be paired with good hair for a complete look, and these days our image is our calling card. That is why we love this career; we make people look their best and feel great about themselves.

Academy. We want to help you become the professional you want to be. Tutors from all over the world are here to teach you and guide you, not just to learn how to do the perfect cut but also to find your own style and trademark. At our academy you will find a multicultural environment that other academies don’t have. We want you to be the best hairdresser you can be and we will make your learning experience as personalized as we can.

At Barcelona Hair Academy we believe in your possibilities, your talent and your passion. You are the true protagonist and that is part of the reason for this renaming: you can become a creative hairdresser with your own personal and unique style. If you need more information or have any questions regarding the Academy you can contact us through our website.