barcelona hair academy creative team hairdressing courses

barcelona hair academy creative team hairdressing courses

At Barcelona Hair Academy, your hair academy, we want you to get to know our creative team; today you will meet Stephanie Eriksson, trained for ghd Sweden and stylist for models and celebrities at Mercedes Benz fashion week in New York with celebrity stylist Mathew Curtis. Stephanie teaches in our up-dos and bridal hair course.

  • When did you first discover your passion for hair?

Since I can remember I have always played with hair and make up. I have always love doing creative things.

  • Why did you decide to become a professional?

I  was in sixth grade when I realised that I wanted to be a hairdresser. I always cut and coloured my friends’ hair and I started to develop a real feeling for it. My long term goals have always been to inspire people with my passion for hair and to teach them to see the art in it.

  • What was it like at the start?

It was really hard at the beginning, almost like learning how to ride a bike! When you have done it a few times it starts to become fun but its really difficult to start with. Its the same with hair! its important to always find the positive in everything you do.

  • When someone realizes they want to become a hair professional what should they do first?

They should believe that they can do it! and make it happen! Nobody will hand you your career on a plate – You have to go out and make it happen.

  • Why is learning in small groups better than in large ones?

It’s much easier to teach people in small groups and to ensure that they are really learning.

  • What makes Barcelona so special?

It’s really simple: Barcelona has every thing you could want in one place. Its magic will blow you away.

  • A message for all those who are passionate about hair.

Don’t be scared to do something new and different. Take a risk and never forget to follow your passion.