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When thinking about starting hairdressing training or choosing a hair academy, there are a lot of questions that come to mind: “Am I talented enough?” “Will I like the place?” “Will the teachers be good enough?” Especially this last one. The importance of finding a professional teacher that is able to transmit their knowledge is extremely important when it comes to hairdressing courses. This is why at Barcelona Hair Academy we want to talk about the importance of not just finding a hairdressing teacher, but also a mentor.

As a hair academy that cares about its students and the education they receive, we only work with the best hair professionals. Our teachers won’t just teach you all the techniques that you need to know and ensure you get the best hairdressing training, covering all the theory and the practical skills you will need, they will also serve as your mentors.

When moving to a different city for a hairdressing course, even if it’s within your own country, there is always the fear of feeling a bit lost, either physically or mentally. The beginning is always hard, especially in a big city like Barcelona, but meeting the right people is the key to an amazing experience. That is why Barcelona Hair Academy has made sure that our tutors are young people who are easy to connect with and who will help you settle in and make sure you get the most out of your time in Barcelona.

Our tutors are experts in hairdressing training and have been working in this field for years. They have been recognized by renowned stylists and by the media for being excellent in their field, and that is what they want to transfer to you: how to be excellent at what you do. Since our class sizes are small, they will mentor you so that you develop your full creative potential and at the same time effortlessly adapt to the beautiful city of Barcelona and its lifestyle.

Barcelona Hair Academy works for you; making your transition to a new city as easy as possible and helping you develop you own style and talent. We offer several hairdressing courses that will make you into the best professional you can be.  Our hair academy, located in the iconic and fashion-oriented city of Barcelona, is committed to excellence in all its aspects. If you have any doubts about our courses or our tutors please don’t hesitate to contact us.