On this course, you will broaden your knowledge and improve your colour application. We’ll refresh your classic colouring techniques, and introduce new colour trends and services. This will provide you with the skills to successfully approach any colour service with confidence.



  • Wednesday 10th April – Classic Foiling
    On this session you will learn modern foiling techniques to help you achieve a range of highlighting results on your clients. We will study sectioning, foil placement, weaving and slicing on a range of hair lengths and textures to provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need.
    Demo and practical

  • Wednesday 24th April: Freehand Techniques – Balayage
    On this session, we will study freehand balayage painting techniques and understand the importance of accurate colour application and product consistency. You will also cover creative toning techniques, including how to root stretch and blend your balayage to achieve stunning results for your clients.
    Demo and practical
  • Wednesday 8th May – Bleach & Tone
    On this session, you will learn in-depth technicalities about the bleaching process, including preparing the hair and scalp, bleach application, how to not compromise the condition of the hair, how to avoid banding and different toning techniques
  • Wednesday 15th May: Foilyage & Contouring
    Foilyage and contouring techniques are a great way to achieve natural sunkissed results for your clients. On this course, you will learn about sectioning patterns, weaving techniques and understand how to contour your product to add depth and dimension to your client’s hair.
    Demo and practical

16:00 – 20:00h



  • Complete course 300€ (4 sessions)
  • Individual Sessions: 95€/Session
  • Please note: This course requires the use of a mannequin head. If you would like us to provide you with one, this will cost 30€ which you can pay on the first day of the course.



  • Tail comb
  • Sectioning clips
  • Tongs and/or straighteners
  • Carding brush
  • Styling brushes


CONTINUOUS LEARNING COURSES – 4 sessions per course.

Each course incorporates latest trends, classic techniques and international innovations in the subject. Aimed at those who are looking to refresh or build on their current skills, we take things back to basics, to develop and enhance your colouring, cutting and styling techniques. With our flexible course structure, you can either sign up for all 4 sessions, or book onto the ones that interest you the most.



With our Professional Training Pass you can enroll on all four of our continous learning courses for only 800€, saving you over 200€ . This means you basically get one full course for free!

You have 1 year to use the pass, and it is valid for all four sessions of each of our continuous learning courses (Women’s Cutting, Men’s Cutting, Colour Trends and Hairups & Bridal). By enrolling on all 4 courses, you will refresh and develop your cutting, colouring and styling skills as we focus on refining your classic techniques, as well as introducing you to new international innovations. You can buy yours here.