5 beard fundamentals barbering barcelona hair academy

At Barcelona Hair Academy, we like to keep one step ahead of the game and our courses are designed with the hottest trends in mind. The art of barbering has been around for centuries, but it has become essential for men who want to look sharp and stylish. Barbering courses usually teach the basics of a good cut but leave out the style and the details that make men’s haircuts and beard styling unique and on trend. As a hair academy that attempts to be the best, we want to talk about 5 beard fundamentals of 2015.

The shadow. This beard works well for men that can grow facial hair quickly and have a good, strong chin. Usually men with this style look like they don’t have time to get a decent shave but, actually, it is necessary to keep the beard tidy, give it shape and make sure it doesn’t look sloppy or messy. Trim just below the jaw line to help outline the jaw.

The short boxed beard. It is an all around strong beard style that works well for those that don’t want to go the full beard route. This beard, one of the most complicated to achieve on barbering courses, is carefully sculpted and requires work to maintain. Using a close crop and defined edges it showcases the cheekbones and helps to outline the jaw. The hairline extends just an inch or so below the chin and doesn’t go all the way to the neck.

Tight beard. The tight beard comes in close on the face and uses a trimmer setting of about 2 millimeters. The beard provides the face with definition and strong character and it’s best recommended when the client is able to grow hair higher up on the chin. The tight beard stops midway up the cheek and connects fairly evenly with the mustache line.

Olde English. This incorporates several beard styles into one manly and rugged look. Think mutton chops with a thick beard that goes all the way to the chin line; it provides full facial coverage stopping just short of covering the cheekbones. The Olde English is the type of style that gives the client a unique look and character.

Full Beard. This style requires very little maintenance and is arguably the most popular beard style. It is necessary to use a trimmer set at about 4 to 6 millimeters to keep it looking neat. The full beard completely covers the upper lip, cheeks, chin and goes all the way back to the neck, and works great for any facial structure.

Those with beards know how much effort and maintenance goes in to shaping a beard and making it look presentable.  At Barcelona Hair Academy we want you to be able to offer your clients the best styles for them; and this is why we offer our barbering courses for professionals who want to take a step further in the art of barbering. For more information regarding our professional courses don’t hesitate to contact us.