Celebrities know that every now and then you need to switch things up a little. Or a lot. From cotton candy dye jobs to major chops, these celebrities decided to get made over and we love dissecting the results. Get inspired by these radical changes, Barcelona Hair Academy brings you the best makeovers!

Rihanna went with short red hair at the Met Ball in NYC, but it wasn’t long ago that she was rocking long orange beachy waves on her trip to Hawaii . At the Grammys earlier this year we saw her with a dark bun. We know that Riri loves to change her hair as often as her outfit, and we aren’t complaining! She has managed to master a wide variety of styles and we can’t wait to see what her stylist come up with next.


Also at the Met Gala, Katy Perry wore a short dark wig which suited her to a T. But it is not the first time the celebrity has transformed her style this year. We previously sore her with a black and green bob that then turned red. She is definitely not afraid of trying new things.

It is no surprise that fantasy colours have taken over the celebrity world lately. There are loads of celebrities that have tried to spice up their looks by trying a more edgy, vibrant colour. But for us there is a clear winner:


Kylie Jenner went with many (many) versions of teal this year. She started off with a short ombré that turned into long extensions. She briefly went back to black and then at this year’s Coachella festival she went full aquamarine. But just for the first weekend, because on the second day of the festival she was seen with a bright pink bob. What will be next?


Finally blondes made a big comeback this year, especially for Paris Fashion Week, where Kim Kardashian and Jared Leto surprised us with platinum looks. Kim had tried going blonde for the previous edition of the fashion event, but this time she went with an even more drastic change from her naturally dark brown hair. Meanwhile Jared Leto decided it was time to lose the “Jesus vibe” and appeared with short super blond hair; another of this year’s most radical transformations – and we aren’t even half way in!

What do you think about these transformations? Which one is your favourite and which one are you dying to try out yourself? At Barcelona Hair Academy we love seeing and making these radical changes; if you are looking for advice on style, don’t hesitate to contact us for an appointment at any of our salons. And remember that our hairdressing courses are available all year round!