This week we hear from Olga Bertrán who has joined us from the Lleida, Spain. Thanks for this great post about all things vintage Olga!

Vintage style is considered to be a classic design that is accessorized in such a way that it hints at a specific period of fashion from a bygone era, so with a history, meaning, aesthetic value and singularity that goes beyond merely decorative styling.

If we talk about hairstyling, vintage hair takes us to different eras and styles. All of them are wonderful, but personally the ones I love most are: the 20s, with the Bob and the tighter finger waves;


the 50s, defined by waves, soft curls and fluffy kiss curls, pageboy or brushed-under Bob, pixie cuts, blonde curls and pin-up style;


the 60s, characterized by the bouffant, the high-towering beehive, Vidal Sassoon’s short hair with geometric and asymmetrical cuts, the“hippie” hairtyle, and short cropped hair;


the 70s, going from short, edgy and androgynous hairstyles to the long, soft and feminine ones, as well as the popular unkempt look, like the “shag”, the mullet or “the Farrah”, not forgetting the wedge, the Jheri curls, the Afro, the cornrows, the stack perms and the punk and glam rock hairstyles;


and finally the 80s, a decade with something for everyone: tousled curly perms, highly-teased bangs, asymmetrical colored cuts, the Flock of Seagulls haircut, the spiky hairstyle, the side ponytails with a bit of tease for extra body, the mullet, rat tails, crimped hair, shaved patterns on the sides, choppy shag, punk glam or the faux hawk. captura-de-pantalla-2016-10-17-a-las-14-29-30


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