This week we hear from Louise Blomqvist who has joined us from Sweden.

“Since I was a little child a have always played and styled my family members hair. A lot of times on my grandmother and some times on my mother. I could just sit for hours and just make something with bobby pins or something I had at home. After that I could just brush it out and make something new. When I went to a hair salon I always watched the hair dresser closely. When they were combing my hair I tried to feel exactly how they comb and cut my hair. I tried to watch in the mirrors how they were doing it every time. So you can say that I always had an eye for hair and hairdressing.

When I got a little bit older, a few years ago, I started to fix my friends hair. They always want me to style them and of course I do. They know I love it and I want to help. I’ve done some updos for weddings learning by looking at websites. The question why? I just know that from when I was a little child until now that’s all I want to do. Hair is such a big part of almost everyones lifes and to know that you can change a person or the hair so much as you can, it’s so exciting.

When I was looking for schools I saw Barcelona Hair Academy something just clicked! Maybe its because people always used to ask me if I was Spanish when I was younger!!!

Now when I’ve started school I noticed how much it is to learn and you can always learn more, because hairstyles and fashion changes all the time, so there is no way you can stand still as a hairdresser. If you want to learn new things, there’s a lot to learn and new things keep coming. I can’t wait!”

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