barcelona hair academy all time worst hairstyles

barcelona hair academy all time worst hairstyles

At Barcelona Hair Academy, as hairdressing course experts, we teach our students how to recreate the most flattering hairstyles and trends, but we also teach them what not to do. Today we want to show you some of history’s worst hairstyles, in the hope that they never make a comeback!

The mullet.

Both men and women have tried to pull this off over the years and we can’t help but wonder why. A haircut that is business in the front and a party in the back is never going to look good; especially not on someone with the sweet facial features of Scarlett Johansson. She has definitely rocked better hairstyles.

The bowl cut.

This hairstyle was popular during the 80’s and most of the 90’s and it basically looks like someone has put a bowl on your head and cut around it, giving you one of the worst hair trends of all time. Rihanna has tried it out, not once but several times, leaving us wondering if her stylist hates her or if she is just really into the 90’s vibe; which reminds us – she also tried to pull off the rat’s tail, another big no-no.

The comb over.

This hairstyle is most women’s worst nightmare. It was originally created to hide the fact that a man was balding but it doesn’t really hide anything, it just makes it look worse. The best option for balding men is to shave off the rest of their hair and embrace their baldness.

The 80’s perm.

Many celebrities have worn this hairstyle. We don’t blame them, it was a trend and get sucked in; but this is one trend we really hope never makes a come back. Big hair doesn’t necessarily mean bad, but it’s the combination of the curly fringe and the frizz that makes it so unflattering.

As a hair academy, we make sure that our students learn hairstyle do’s and don’ts and how to interpret the best trends. For more information about our hairdressing courses visit our website. Have a great hair day!