floral crown hairdressing courses

Spring has sprung and we are dying to try out the latest trends and springtime accessories. Flowers are the protagonist this season, not just in prints but in all types of accessories; this is why Barcelona Hair Academy, which brings you the very best hairdressing courses, wants to show you how to make your own flower crown, so you can give your look a sophisticated touch this spring and summer.

You will need a headband, and if it is the same colour as your hair, so much the better. If not just look for something similar. Pick your favourite artificial flowers, it is important that you choose flowers in different shapes, sizes and tonal range; variety is what makes this flower crown beautiful. Add some greenery if you want a more natural look, but if you are going for elegance, drop the greens.  You will also need some scissors and a hot glue gun.

Start by trimming the floral buds off the stems – in this case, white, pink and lilac flowers were chosen – but, as we said, you can be as bright and bold as you like. Decide where you want your largest flowers to sit on the headband, that way they can work as a base for smaller flowers to cluster around. Once you are happy with the position of the largest flowers, secure them in place with the hot glue gun. Continue playing with the position of the smaller flowers and glue them in place once you like how they look.

floral crown hair academy

There is no science behind where the flowers should go: it’s a matter of playing around until you like the result and the crown looks full and lush. You can make several to wear with your boho waves and beach looks for different occasions; a few options that match with your looks are always handy. At Barcelona Hair Academy we hope you have enjoyed this DIY flower crown and try it out soon. To find out more about our hairdressing courses  visit our site for all the info.