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Do you know why barber poles are red, white and blue? The barber pole is a legacy from an era when people went to the barbers, not just for a haircut or a shave but also for medical procedures.  During the middle Ages, bloodletting was a common procedure; they believed that letting blood drain from the veins by cutting them open would cure many maladies. Barbers also pulled teeth and carried out other small surgical procedures.

The look of the barber pole is linked to bloodletting: the pole itself resembles the stick the barbers used to keep the patients arm straight and the colours red and white are both the blood and the bandages used. The blue was added later in France.

Being a barber used to be a very prestigious job and barbers and surgeons were part of the same trade guild until 1745. They helped people to feel better back then, just as they do today; because being a barber is not just about cutting hair and shave beards, it is about making the client look and feel good.

For this reason Barcelona Hair Academy is pleased to remind you that there is another edition of our Art of Barbering course on May 24th & 25th. This barbering course will give you great insights into beard styling, wet shaving, cutting and clipper skills.  The course is the perfect mix of theory, demonstrations and practice on models.

Javier Martin, our amazing trainer, is giving this two day inspirational course.  Javier is an experienced professional who has spent many years working in London. He will teach you the latest trends and techniques so you can ensure your male clients leave your salon looking their best and feeling great.

Remember that this barbering course can be booked as a one or two day course and we have accommodation packages available if you are travelling from abroad. For more information about this barbering course or any other of our professionals hairdressing courses don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our site. Our aim at Barcelona Hair Academy is to help you become the hair professional you deserve to be.