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Some of the shows this Fashion Week may have been somewhat inaccessible, fashion-wise, but there is plenty of hair inspiration from the season’s most covetable catwalks. From Valentino’s floral halo braids to Dior’s chain link ponytails, Barcelona Hair Academy brings you our favorite hairstyles for women and the latest fashion trends in hair.

Valentino is proving to be all about braids for 2015, but this time the fashion house opted for a softer, sweeter style for couture after showing cornrows at pre-fall. Hairstylist Guido Palau created wrap-around braids by taking two thick sections from the front on one side, twisting them both to the right, then crossing the front strand over the top and continuing around, only twisting in pieces from the front. But it was the tucking in of the fresh daisies, wildflowers and lilacs that made this hairstyle for women so timeless and nymph-like.

Flowers are one of the biggest fashion trends this season; at Chanel Haute Couture, hairstylist Sam McKnight created braids so loose they looked non-existent from the front and then tied them off with a flower look-alike pom-pom made from the fabrics in the collection. The models walked a runaway decorated with a huge Origami garden wearing colorful, floret-embellished crop tops and skirts, blood-red lipstick and fishnet masks.

Last but not least, another of our favorites this Fashion Week: the Christian Dior Couture show. Hairstylist and Redken creative consultant Guido Palau came up with an inventive new way to do a ponytail using extensions and colored plastic links. First, Palau worked mousse through the hair for volume, then he tucked the bottom section up under the top and molded the hair at the back of the crown before making a loop to attach the linked rings to. Finally he looped a thick hair extension around the second ring for a symmetrical ponytail.

Barcelona hair Academy loves everything about Fashion Week and the hairstyles for women that are presented every year. We keep up with all the latest fashion trends to offer our students the best possible training and to help them become amazing hair professionals. For more information about our courses don’t hesitate to contact us through our website.