Barcelona Hair Academy Sand Art


As you know at Barcelona Hair Academy we love fun hair trends and this latest one is just that. Sand Hair Art is inspired by souvenir bottles of dyed sand children brought home from beach holidays – and ‘My Little Pony’. Very 90s like most trends at the moment. We think this is a great look for festival season.

So how is this look achieved? First the hair is bleached and then rainbow colours are layered into the hair to create a supernatural look. Our creative team first saw this look on the streets of New York while they were working at Mercedes Benz Fashion week but in general the trend is more of a west coast LA thing.

A less extreme alternative is hair chalking. This is where colored chalk is applied to the hair, and sealed with heat to avoid staining clothes and to stop the colors running into each other. Big bulky braids with colorful hair looks amazing.

Our top tip: If you start with a stronger color range it will last you longer and when it washes out you’ll be left with a more pastel color range.

If you want this hair, bear in mind that the upkeep is pretty major, and bleaching your hair will leave it dry and brittle, so hydration and mild sulfate free shampoos are essential. This isn’t a very long lasting colour solution either – it will wash out easily. But if you don’t mind spending a little time and messing up your bathroom and your towels, you can do a lot at home. Crazy Colors has a great range and if you want to soften them you can dilute them with conditioner for a more of a pastel effect.

It’s hard to create the full rainbow at home, but when the salon job washes out you can dip dye your ends with a couple of tones with a little patience and creativity. I wouldn’t recommend trying out home bleaching because bleach is very chemical and there are so many things that can go wrong, hair breakage being a major risk, and if your looking for the mermaid effect, then you probably want to keep your hair looking shiny and happy.

At Barcelona Hair Academy we love new hair trends and sharing our experience and knowledge – whether you are a professional hairdresser looking for hairdressing courses or just someone who loves hair! If you have any questions about our services contact us or visit our site. Barcelona Hair Academy has something for everyone!

Photo sources via @pravana @ilikeprettyhair @hair_style_colour_