One of the most important tools for a hair stylist in a hair academy or in a hair salon is their scissors. It might seem like choosing scissors is an easy task, but it needs more thought than you might initially imagine. On our hairdressing courses at Barcelona Hair Academy we teach you everything you need to know about scissors and the importance of choosing the right ones for you.

Most stylists are fanatical about their Hairdressing scissors. During your hairdressing training you will learn that you need different scissors for different cutting techniques. Depending on the style of the cut you will need to choose which scissors to use and even the type of steel they are made from.

Different design elements keep the hairdressing professional comfortable during the entire cutting process. Nowadays scissors adapt better to the stylists hand, preventing discomfort or tendinitis in the wrist and back pain. This is important when doing hairdressing courses as you spend a lot of time working with the scissors. Classic scissors are symmetrical; the two finger rings being level, unlike the new more ergonomic designs.

Most hairdressing scissors are made of steel, although each model includes a mix of different components that vary percentages of steel, carbon, cobalt and titanium. There are three different types of steel used in scissors for hair salons and they range from lower to higher quality: Japanese steel (440C), ATS 314 and Damascus steel. The quality of the scissors comes from the hardness of the steel and it’s measured in rockwells.

There are two main types of scissors: cutting scissors and thinning scissors. At our hair academy we will teach you how to use both of them. Cutting scissors incorporate micro-teeth on one of their blades to prevent the hair sliding off; in this category you can also find razor-sharp scissors that are used to create definition when a more precise cut is called for. The other type of scissors are sculpting scissors, also known as thinning shears. Thinning shears are scissors with notches along the blades cut out. When you use them, you cut some of the strands where the blade is and leave others uncut. They are used to make the hair more manageable.

Recently, the screws in hairdressing scissors have been changed so friction is reduced and the steel has been covered with titanium, which means that scissors can be different colors, and reduces allergic reactions, perfect for hairdressing training.

At Barcelona Hair Academy, your hair academy, you will learn everything you need to know about these professional tools during your hairdressing training.  This way, after you have completed our hairdressing courses, you will be ready to work in any quality hair salon. If you have any doubts about scissors or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.