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Sofia is Swedish and she has always loved hair. After she finished her hairdressing studies she worked at a large fashionable hair salon in Sweden for many years. She specialises in teaching and hair and makeup for events, fashion shows and bridal hair styling. Do you want to know more about this member of our creative team? Barcelona Hair Academy intoduces Sofia Färnqvist.

  • When did you first discover your passion for hairstyling? 

I always loved hair and makeup since I was a little girl! And as soon as I started to think seriously about what I wanted to be, I knew that hairdressing was right for me! 

  • Why did you decide to become a professional?

 I love challenges and the feeling that you’re still learning and going forward. And I definitely LOVE IT! I can’t get enough of it! 

  • What was it like at the start?

Sometimes it was scary and dificult. But at the same time, Soo fun!

  • When someone realizes they want to become a hair professional what should they do first?

Contact us, haha! You definitely not going to regret it! 

  • Why is learning in small groups better than in large ones?

It’s good to focus on a few students when you are teaching. And Its very important for the students that they always have us there to ask as soon as they get confused or have doubts etc. 

  • What makes Barcelona so special?

This city has everything: city, beach, fashion, good weather and the people here is so nice and friendly! And it’s amazing to work as a hairdresser in this city because you really have all kind of styles and it’s super creative!

  • A message for all those who are passionate about hair:

To work in something you love and have a passion for is amazing. To go to work everyday and really feel happy is a privilege. In this profession you will meet amazing people, both colleagues and clients! and don’t forget, its possible to work all over the world! 

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe”