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Sometimes we think that changing our shampoo or hair products will give us better looking hair, and while this is not completely false, we sometimes forget that a balanced diet is the best way to strengthen our hair. Our whole body, including our hair, nails and skin, reflects what we put in it, and having a healthy diet is going to affect how we look. Here are 7 specific foods that will give you great looking hair.

Eggs. They contain protein, zinc, sulfur, biotin and vitamin A. Zinc is essential for cell renovation, which makes for healthy hair growth. Biotin is one of the nutrients that strengthen hair. Try to avoid raw egg whites; as in this form these nutrients may be lost.

Nuts: especially almonds and walnuts. Both contain vitamin E that stimulates blood circulation to the scalp. Walnuts also contain zinc, effective for fighting hair loss, and oils that promote elasticity and growth.

Spinach. Rich in minerals like iron, betacarotene and vitamin C that keep the follicles healthy and maintain good blood circulation. Other foods that are rich in iron are chicken, fish, whole grains and dried figs.

Salmon. It contains masses of Omega-3, an essential oil that keeps the scalp healthy and hair silky and shiny. Without good fats hair becomes dry and fragile. We can find good fats in foods like flax, sardines and tuna.

Oranges. This fruit is well known for being a great source of vitamin C, necessary to maintain the fibres that make up the structure of the hair. They also contain betacarotene, an important pigment for cells, and antioxidants, great for fighting free radicals and promoting hair growth.

Whole grains. They are low calorie and are healthy and nutritious. Among other properties they contain vitamin B5 and inositol, a chemical complex that keeps follicles healthy. We especially recommend raw oats because of their high protein content.

Greek Yogurt. Most recipes for nourishing hair contain Greek yogurt because of its high level of vitamin B12, biotin and proteins. These elements are more abundant in Greek yogurt than in other dairy products, and they are very beneficial for your hair.

Remember to take care of your whole body as it will affect your hair, and use products that are recommended for your hair type. Barcelona Hair Academy recommends a balanced diet and putting yourself in the hands of experts when it comes to looking after the health of your hair. If you have any questions about our courses or any other matter, do not hesitate to contact us!