This week we hear from Romany Watkins who has joined us from the UK. Thanks for this great post about all the things you love about our city Romany.

I love the spirit of the city. When walking around Barcelona you can’t stop from falling in love with the people’s warm hospitality, their traditions and easygoing lifestyle. Talking about traditions I love the traditions in this city, whether it is going for tapas, taking a siesta in the afternoon or watching football at the local bar or Camp Nou, there is always something exciting happening.

I love that Barcelona has got that big city feeling with lots going on but small enough that you can get to all of it. Because of its size it is possible it explore all of this on foot, if you don’t feel like walking the public transport is relatively easy to grasp and inexpensive.

Exploring Barcelona, it really feels like a city where exciting things can and do happen. This city feels very alive. Its hard not to fall in love with a city as beautiful and as exciting as Barcelona. Another thing I absolutely love is that people from all corners of life flock to Barcelona, which means while walking around you get to meet people from all over the world, not only is that really fun but also eye-opening.

Another great thing about this city is the seemingly endless beautiful buildings, locals even after living here for years will give a second glance to the
Gaudi architecture scattered around the city. Another thing I love about Barcelona, each neighborhood has its own distinct vibe some of my favorite cities are ones that have lots of neighborhoods jumbled together that all feel like quite different places.

That’s what Barcelona’s like; you can cross the street and instantly know that you’ve changed districts just because of how the buildings look. It’s fun having lots of little mini cities to explore. Barcelona is both really modern and really traditional, and that mix is pretty fascinating.
My love affair with Barcelona has been a short one but it is without a doubt fast becoming one of my favorite cities in Europe.

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